Veils (1998)

 The biggest success of pandies before 2000, Veils was a controversial high impact production with close to 200 shows spanning 3 years.  It  prioritised the issue of rape. Why does a man commit rape? What sympathy, succour can you offer a rape victim. Does not the present structuring of society make rape easy, almost inevitable? A scathing critique of the male-orientedness of our society, the play sought an attitudinal change and asked for legislative reform. 

The project was sponsored by the HRD Ministry, Govt. of India. The most polemical and probably the best received (at times certain sections of the male audience have been almost hostile to the play), apart from shows at the S R C, the play has been performed at umpteen schools and colleges and in bastis as street shows. An activist's delight, parliamentarian Dr. Mohini Giri tried to have the play performed at the floor of the parliament as part of the plea for legislative reform on the issue. 

A multi pronged project rather than a play, Veils had as an accompaniment a workshop based campaign in Delhi’s Yamuna Pushta focusing gender violence and women’s rights.

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