She's MAD (1997)

  A collaborative with the organisation Shakti Shalini, this production was also a fund-raiser for them. It sought to explore the issue of madness in women.  Does it mean the same for a man and a woman?  In its interaction with various groups, we discovered that the label of madness has become the latest method of cruelty against women, to deprive them of their rights and let the husband be free to do what he likes. Relying on data from Shakti Shalini and like minded women’s organizations, the play uses theatre as a medium to seek legislative change.  Apart from shows in SRC, the play was taken to slums, bastis and villages around Delhi. The play has been performed in courtyards of houses, streets, lawns and schools and women's homes. Over 50 performances were held and each followed by discussion sessions.

The play led to a panel discussion between members of the group and women lawyers on this issue on STAR TV.

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