Medea, Euripedes (2019)

Pandies Theatre begins a new project 'Samtal: Theatre for Everyone' with 'Medea', written more than two thousand years ago. 

Medea by Pandies' Theatre 
(55 Mins; Hindi/Hindustani)
Director: Anuradha Marwah
Creative Team/Actors: Akash, Arham, Janees, Nirbhay, Payal, Priiya, Sameer, and Zeeshan. 
Project Mentors: Michelle Hensley, Kira Obolensky, and Sanjay Kumar.
'Medea' is the story of a woman who wreaks terrible vengeance but Euripedes's (485-406 BCE) rendering of it enables us to ask questions about why this happened. These questions are relevant even today in our still gender-unequal world.
Euripedes' 'Medea' goes to diverse settings. There have been 16 shows of the play.
Samtal’ has two goals: To make the experience of great
theatre accessible to everyone equally and to highlight the
humanitarian message of classics of world theatre. 'Samtal'
is attempting a new theatre language with the audiences
literally on the same level as the actors, who are in costume
of another era and space. The entire space transforms
into a democratic forum where, following the performance,
the audiences interact with the Director and the cast, about
life and play.

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