Home and the World: Story-telling in the times of Corona (2020)

Home and the World: Story-telling in the times of Corona 

29th November, 3.30 pm onwards. Half a day festival of stories. 15 stories, brilliant story-tellers all. No recordings, a live zoom interaction between the Artists and their Audience.

Art of story telling from the fringes; Story tellers from zones of hardship, made harder by the pandemic: Young Friends seeking refuge from Afghanistan, women survivors of violence supported by the women’s organisation Shakti Shalini and young migrant voices from Nithari village(our artists are friends, siblings, neighbours of the victims of 2006-7 pogrom and have been creating with us since), on a downward spiral of penury.

Yes they can all still laugh, sing, narrate and entertain.

It’s a pandies endeavour to be one with them. To appreciate the power of Art shunning the distress and misery that surrounds us.

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