Ghosts (1994)

Arguably our most popular production of the only proscenium phase. This production was a venture into an area practically uncharted at the level of Delhi theatre, we adapted Ibsen’s classic Ghosts and presented it as a play on AIDS set in the upper middle class of Delhi. As a socially aware and committed group we addressed ourselves to what constitutes the major scourge for our city, our world today. The first full-length commercial play on AIDS in Delhi, it highlighted the decadent masculinity of our world that has left us open to the onset of this scourge. Approved and supported by the WHO, this play was funded initially by NACO, it went through repeated adaptations and different sponsors from development sectors and the corporate world. It was taken to Bangalore by the NORAD. Large segments of the play were telecast on Doordarshan and STAR TV.

Adaptation and Direction: Sanjay Kumar

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