(K)nots (2000-01)

Love and Marriage relooked at from a woman’ perspective (K)nots, raises the question - can marriage be pro-woman? Is not this institution not only male-biased but also actively supportive of an anti-woman ethos? By retaining its male orientation, this institution seems to have put itself on a self-destruct mode. And love? Our notions of love are created out of cinema stereotypes. Are not all famous love sagas also male narratives that venerate the man at the cost of the woman? And is not love also a concept, conceived within our consumerist structures? And if it is consumerist, does it not further commodify the woman? Subjecting the most valorised emotion of love and the most cherished institution of marriage to a feminist intervention the questions both the validity and the viability of the two concepts. The play is not a solution-provider. Rather it seeks solutions from all of us, who know the male-orientation of our structures and turn our face away from them or simply accept them as given co-ordinates that have to be accepted by all. We have also participated in the UNIFEM campaign against trafficking of women in South East Asia and done plays in colleges for the UNIFEM and WSDC in Nov. – Dec. 2000. Work for Delhi’s environment also continues, firecrackers apart, the group has done 100 shows in schools, marketplaces, office complexes and parks against the use of plastic polybags.

Direction: Sanjay Kumar

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