Jab We Elect (2009)

Sidharth, Ishika, Udit, Isha and Diksha during rehearsals

Jab We Elect is not about who we elect but how we elect. Speaking from a progressive, feminist perspective the play looks at many topical issues in the ambit of globalisation and liberalisation, these include the nuclear deal, moral policing, religious fundamentals, economic troughs apart from others. With an episodic plot that cuts across classes and regions, urban and rural scenes, the play uses a combination of forum theatre and alienating devices (songs and choreographed sequences) to engage with the audience and ask it to repeatedly interact with the cast. The endeavour is to collectively examine our polity and its mainstreaming, dominant elements. The play does not provide answers, it does not raise questions, rather prompts the audience to think, respond and take the play further. Deviating from its usual English- hindi format pandies is doing this play primarily in Hindi (and diverse dialects).

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