Danger Zones (2007-08)


The play consists of three episodes:
The first episode deals with the rights of marginalized children and draws on our years of experience of working with marginalized children and specially distils from our recent work in Nithari. The play uses Browning’s The Pied Piper of Hamelin as a tying thread and reveals the callous hypocrisy of the adult world towards child desires.

The second deals with issues of alternate sexuality and draws on decades of experience of dealing with women’s issues. The play deals with a working class lesbian couple and examines its travails. The script has been built from repeated discussions with such couples in a workshop format.

The third moves into the future and re-examines the country’s negotiations with capitalism in the light of the phenomenon of the Special Economic Zones. Who progresses, where are we headed? A relocation of the economics of our country

 The first two episodes of Danger Zones have been performed in Bangalore in the Centre for Film and Drama in February 2008. The play was taken to Kanpur at the invitation of IIT Kanpur and a performance was held in March 2010.

The scripts have been written by Anuradha Marwah, Anand Prakash and Sanjay Kumar.

Direction: Sanjay Kumar

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