The Curse Conquered (2008-09)

Bani and Aman, Zakir Hussain College
Direction: Sanjay Kumar

An experiment with Boal's Forum theatre.

The Curse Conquered was focussed towards spreading awareness regarding cervical cancer, the highest killer cancer among women in India, possibly in the world today. Despite this it remains a hidden disease, seldom talked about and often detected when it is too late. The attempt is to put this disease on the forum and create awareness regarding symptoms, detection and cure. The available vaccine, though expensive, if followed by constant scanning and related tests also helps in mitigating its occurrence.

Highlighting a particular disease, the production used it as a point of entry into instigating a discussion on women’s health, specially reproductive health, a low priority zone in state and government policy because of the existing patriarchal bias. Social behavioural modes and masculinist constructions that put women and their health at risk are examined and critiqued, specially before the onslaught of the H P Virus that afflicts women, often making men the unharmed carriers of the disease.

Done in conjunction with MSD (Merck) the premier show at SRC in December 2008 was followed by seven shows in colleges of DU and one in JNU.

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