The Red Eye 10s international Play Festival, India section (2019)


Another pandies' international foray as we host The Red Eye 10s international Play Festival, 2019 with the support of the American Center, Delhi.

6 plays 10 minutes each. 2 dates. More than 20 venues all over the world.
Plays selected by Red Eye organizers, started Wendy-Marie Martin, by a scholar from Hollins University, USA, 
Chief co-ordinator/host Sanjay Kumar

6 American playwrights, 6 Indian directors from the pandies
Plays; Playwrights;  the Directors
Show and Tell; Jenny Lyn Bader; Sanyukta Saha
Death’s Defeat; Diana Burbano; Sanjay Kumar
Private Considerations; Scott Carter Cooper; Shilpi Gulati
Check Me Out; Emily Hagerman; Priya
The Candidate; Elin Hampton; Diksha Lamba
Tricks and Treats; Ken Preuss; Prachi Gambhir
The unique thing about this festival is that the plays are performed in many cities across the world on the same day. 6 plays of 10 minutes each on Saturday the 19th of October. 
The International hosts/venues for 2019:
Nipomo High School Theatre Company & Arroyo Grande High School Theatre Company, California (co-production – Sept 28)
International Polytechnic High School, California (Sept 28)
Edmonson County Drama, Kentucky (Sept 28)
Central High School Drama, Tennessee (Oct 19)
Athens High School Drama, Ohio (Oct 19)
Chamberlayne Actors Theatre, Virginia (Oct 19)
International School Stuttgart, Germany (Sept 28)
Baumholder American High School, Germany (Sept 28)
Lakenheath High School, UK (Oct 19)
pandies’ Theatre, India (Oct 19)
The Maple Leaf International School Xi’an, China (Oct 19)
Kubasaki High School, Japan (Sept 28).

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