Not Inside Us (2004)

We continued with our tirade against communalism into 2004. Avoiding the topicality of Cleansing we looked at the larger themes of communalism in the post-Gujarat and pre-general election scenario. Using a meta-narrative of a right wing “mind-washing of dissenters,” the play looks at the problem of mainstream majoritarianism from the points of view of the Hindu working class, Muslim middle class and Christian and scheduled caste perspectives to present a comprehensive indictment. Contemporary pre-general elections reality was engendered. An entire episode focussed on middle class Muslim women and their understanding and coping with majoritarian reality.

Three shows were presented at the Sri Ram Centre on the 9th 10th and 11th of January, 2004. Adapted versions of the play are being performed in the slums where we work and in
schools and colleges.

Script: Anand Prakash, Sanjay Kumar

Direction: Sanjay Kumar

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